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French Manicure Decatur AL

Local resource for French Manicure in Decatur. Find addresses and phone numbers of business and services that provide access to French Manicure in Decatur, AL.

Venus Nails
(256) 351-9330
1605 Beltline Rd SW Ste D10
Decatur, AL
Lt Nails
(256) 350-5080
1678 Beltline Rd SW
Decatur, AL
Nail Studio
(256) 355-8028
1801 Beltline Rd SW
Decatur, AL
Nail Design
(256) 351-1955
401 14th St SE
Decatur, AL
Modern Nail # 2
(256) 773-9970
1307 Highway 31 NW
Hartselle, AL
Modern Nails
(256) 351-2465
1410 6th Ave SE
Decatur, AL
Nails First
(256) 351-4100
1241 Point Mallard Pkwy SE Ste 411
Decatur, AL
Europe Nail Spa
(256) 353-5934
2208 Danville Rd SW
Decatur, AL
Nail Tech
(256) 309-0028
2812 Spring Ave SW Ste I
Decatur, AL
Nail Designs By Kim
(256) 773-0099
241 Highway 31 SW Ste 2
Hartselle, AL

How To Do a French Manicure

French Manicures and Pedicures

Tools Needed:
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Brushes
Nail Files
Manicure Scissors
Nail Buffers
Cotton Swabs
Nail Clippers
French Manicure Kits
Manicure Kits
Nail Cleaners
Step One

Hit the drugstore or beauty supply center to pick up your tools: base/top coat, tip guide strips, neutral polish and white polish. Neutral polishes are very pale, sheer shades with a pink, beige or peach cast. Consider kits that offer everything in one convenient box.

Step Two

Clip, file and shape your nails. Tend to your cuticles, then wash and dry your nails completely. Apply the base/top coat and let it dry.

Step Three

Peel off a guide strip and affix it below the tip of a nail, following its natural curve. The guide will allow you to paint an even white tip with ease and precision.

Step Four

Decide where to place the guide strips based on the length of your nails. In general, the longer the nail, the longer the white tip should be. Make sure that the arch of the guide is smooth and rounded and that the tip lengths are all relatively consistent.

Step Five

Paint each nail tip white, extending the brush stroke from the top of the guide to the end of the nail. Take care not to get any white polish on the body of the nail below the guide. Let the tips dry.

Step Six

Remove all the guides. Dissolve leftover adhesive by rubbing it gently with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Step Seven

Apply two coats of the neutral polish, letting ...

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